Washroom Cubicles for Schools, Colleges and Universities

At LWS Cubicles we create hygienic and presentable washroom cubicles for your school, college or university. These rooms are essential for making students feel comfortable, which will improve their everyday learning experience. For our sleek and modern design service, get in touch with us today.

Washroom Cubicles For Education

Offering approachable washroom designs with vibrant colours and materials for primary schools is essential for pupils’ privacy and hygiene. Also, our designs help to conquer anti-social behaviour and bullying with various door heights to aid supervision.

Designing toilet cubicles and washrooms for education requires a product that can handle the damage and heavy traffic it will see in its life. We design all of our builds with this in mind.

Our design services include the following for your commercial washroom:

  • Various toilet cubicle partition heights
  • Robust toilet cubicle doors
  • Toilet cubicle wall panels
  • Shower cubicle systems for gyms
  • Washroom toilet cubicles in bright colours
3d render of express cubicles yellow

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