Office and Commercial Washrooms

The office and commercial sector needs washrooms, toilets and changing facilities that are hard-wearing and very easy to clean. From executive cubicles and washrooms through to toilets for shop floor workers, we offer solutions that meet all of your requirements.

Washroom Cubicles For Offices

Recent studies show that the quality and cleanliness of the workplace is directly linked to employee productivity, due to happiness leading to better problem-solving skills and creativity. This extends to washrooms and cubicles, as creating a stylish washroom solution within the office and workplace will provide your employees with a sense of success and class.

We offer a wide range of toilet cubicles and washroom solutions for offices and workplaces. Whether you are looking to create a sleek, premium looking washroom for your workplace and employees, or are looking to stay within a strict budget, we are able to offer a solution that fits your requirements and budget.

Our design services include the following for your commercial washroom:

  • Stylish toilet cubicle partitions
  • Robust toilet cubicle doors
  • Colourful toilet cubicle wall panels
  • Shower cubicle systems for the office
  • Washroom toilet cubicles in high end materials
3d render of green and blue washroom and cubicles for children

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