Washroom Cubicles for Leisure

For washroom cubicles for the leisure industry, look no further than LWS Cubicles. We create stylish and practical designs for restaurants, pubs, gyms, health spas, cinemas and more. Our cubicle and washroom designs cater for high traffic, demanding and humid environments, while keeping your customers happy and safe at all times.

Washroom Cubicles For Hotels

Hotel washrooms should be well designed, durable and easy to clean. This is to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for your guests, so they will want return for another stay! The quality of your facilities is also a reflection of your business. We understand these needs, and our designs offer a solution. We will create beautiful washrooms for your guests to enjoy.

Designing toilet cubicles and washrooms for the entertainment industry require a product that is incredibly durable. In addition to hotels, we design hard wearing cubicles for night clubs, cinemas, holiday parks and much more.

We supply and install stylish, versatile and robust washroom cubicles, vanity units, duct panel sets and wall boarding right through to a complete refurbishment package to a variety of business types across the UK.

Our design service includes the following:

  • Hardwearing toilet cubicle partitions
  • Robust toilet cubicle doors
  • Toilet cubicle wall panels
  • Shower cubicle systems for gyms
  • Washroom toilet cubicles
3d render of red horizon toiler cubicles in red

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